Thursday, December 11, 2014

Who am I:

My name is Will but a lot of people know me as WILL Z. I DJ here in San Diego and across the country as well. I am a former twink turned daddy and the transition has been kind of crazy. I moved to San Diego in 2006 with nothing but my dog, a car full of crap and a dream. To not go back to -40 weather ever again! I started out as a barback and had an opportunity from my DJ Dad Nikno to learn now to mix. I had the ear for it and I caught on pretty quickly. As my DJ career started to grow other opportunities came up for me to help my LGBT community. I started in 2010 the 1st ever LGBT day at county Fair and in 2015 "Out at the Fair" will be on its 5th year! I also organized "Out at the Races" the first ever LGBT day at the Del Mar Horse Races (we are on our 3rd year). 

But don't think that my out of the box thinking stopped there... after my grandpa passed I promised him I would get my mixes into the hands of all the people I could, thats were the birth of my app DJ Will Z - Mobile came from.  But my dream of apps wasn't over there. I have always wanted to make an app to help connect the nightlife in Hillcrest, a place for local talent to get their contact info up to be booked, to open just an open forum for our community connect other then "Grindr" and show Hillcrest that there is more to us then hot abs and twinks (like some other publications). With the help of my amazing business partner the dream became a reality in July of 2014 we launched Hillcrest Social. 

Now a little about my personal life. I just moved out of La Mesa after almost 5 years (which I swear my house was the hot spot of east county gays at one time) to a house up in Mira Mesa with my partner. Kind of a new beginning for a new year and I have had to leave some of the moochers and negative people in my life behind. I just see 2015 as a fresh start and have the motivation to tackle pretty much anything now....

What is the blog about, well if you know me I love food ( i could eat till I got on the show my 600 lb life), I love music, I love to stand up for what is right and help my community move forward. I am here to talk about my life, the journey who has made me who I am and answer any questions or blog about any topics you want me too as well. Remember no one can hold you back from your dreams but yourself...... 

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