Monday, March 2, 2015

Salt & Pepper Balls

It's been a couple weeks since I wrote a blog and honestly this is a lot harder then I ever thought. But while doing some "Man-scaping" this past weekend I discovered a very startling thing. As a former twink going through his "transition" to daddy world every new discovery can be very shocking. I work in a very different world compared to most "Americans" - The gay world is an over sexed, grindr filled, and filled with super ripped guys. Don't get me wrong I appreciate this part of our scene because its what fills venues on a weekly basics, but I am not over sexed, grindr filled and super ripped. So does this mean I don't fit in? 

It has taken me YEARS, let me just say that again YEARS to become comfortable as a gay bald man.  (honestly I am not as comfortable as I would like to be and every day is a step in the right direction). After hiding under a hat for many, many years I can finally look in the mirror and see a sexy shaved head man. I have been offered many times to get my hair line fixed but I don't see a point, my hair isn't who I am, nor defines me as a person. I just figured let it fall off... once less thing to do while getting ready. lol But then comes to this new discovery.... ugh! While doing some "man-spacing" I looked down to see 1 very bright white hair... "Salt & Pepper Balls". All I could think was crap-tastic universe.... I didn't even think it was possible for this to happen. When did the days of being a twink die so fast and "age" turns you into a daddy over night! As I trim frantically to hide the truth I think... I can't be the only person going through this or am I?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Story of 1 Dog, 2 Guys & a Pool

This last weekend Caleb and I decided it was time to finally fit the pool cover. But since he is in-love with time-lapse he captured the whole thing. Here is our life.... the Layla show.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is binge watching the new cable?

As many of you know I moved a few months ago and a few months before that I made the tough choice of letting Dish Network go after almost a decade of service with them. I really didn't watch that much TV anymore (I think moving to a warmer climate helped that ALOT) and didn't see a point of paying Cox $70 a month for internet & Dish $140 for Tv. I mean thats $210 dollars a month...... now with a $60 internet bill, Hulu, Netflix, CBS app, and the Amazon Prime app I pay so much less! Needless to say I don't miss cable at all, but that isn't what this blog is about.

This last weekend I was laying in bed after a DJ set with the man watching my new addiction Sky Fall. I have never even seen the show nor heard of it before amazon tv but omg! haha I guess it was on TNT back in 2009, anyways we are hooked and in a week watched season 1, 2 & just started 3! So my question, is binge watching the new cable? I starting to think so! After a few months of not having cable and pretty much now just streaming everything I don't know if I would ever go back. The only thing I wish I had was faster internet. If you decided to leave your cable tv provider make sure you can get fast internet otherwise this might be a painful choice! I know kinda of a random topic but I think it is kinda crazy how far tv has come (since I remember my grandparent's tv with the wood case lol) and I think its exciting to see technology advance.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meatless Meals? Spicy Veggie Soup

I have been seeing a lot of articles about Meatless Monday's or just meatless meals in general and it kinda got me thinking. Would I really miss the meat? I am not saying give it up because I don't know if I could live with out a good burger and bacon! But on those week night meals when you don't wanna wait for meat to defrost or eat a bagged meal. This creation came from a craving for spicy shrimp soup. For a few days I had this craving for it and I didn't have shrimp on hand but did have a bunch of veggies. After a few attempts I figured I would share:

Spicy Veggie Soup:

Step 1: Assemble

1 cup - chopped carrots
3 - celery stocks
1 - portabella mushroom
2 tbps - coconut oil (or butter)
1 Package - Premium Rice Noodles
1 tsp - turmerick
1 tsp - cumin
2 tbps - chili garlic sauce
2 tbps - soy sauce
1/2 tsp - sesame seed oil
1 tsp - pepper
3 garlic cloves
1/2 lemon
5 cups - water

Step 2: Chop!

Step 3: Mushrooms + Coconut Oil - Cook for 5 minutes or until soft.

Step 4: Add Celery, Carrots & start to boil water.

Step 5: When water is boiling place rice noodles into water & cook for 1 minute under directed time. Right after you add the noodles to the water add your spice blend including garlic too the pan. Half way through the cooking process of the noodles add chili garlic sauce, soy sauce, sesame seed oil, & stir.


Step 6: When the timer for the noodles goes off, kill the heat on both the veggies & the noodles. Your veggies should have a nice char on them but shouldn't be burnt. Give a stir and pour slowly into the noodle water. Squeeze the juice of your halved lemons and place lemons in soup while it cools.

Step 7: After about 5 minutes remove lemons and enjoy!

After the success of this dish it got me excited to experiment with other veggies. Right now I am working on something with cauliflower and when it's ready I will share!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Physical Fitness not the only goal....

In Dec I made a commitment to myself, my partner & my friends. A commitment that doesn't include fitness, travel, or even money. This commitment is about mental health. In 2015 I promised myself that I would be a little more selfish when it comes to working/gigs. As most people now I DJ a lot... weekly, every weekend and every holiday. DJs don't have vacation pay or sick pay... we work when we can and as much as we can. But after almost 7 years of DJings I decided it is time to take 1 Friday or Saturday back a month. To hang out with my friends, to do something spontaneous with my man or hell even be crazy and disappear to Palm Springs for a weekend.

In Dec the commitment started. I took 1 Friday off.... we sat at my house staring at each other, what to do, where do we go, omg this is so weird to not be working. Finally we came up with a plan... walk around my new neighborhood and find something to do. We went out for margs (2 pitchers later), we found ourself at a bowling alley. I haven't bowled since I lived in South Dakota! We are talking 9 years ago.... lets just say I didn't score above a 60 LOL. But the memories and the laughter were well worth it.

So when making your new year resolutions remember they aren't always about money, fitness and travel..... sometimes you need to take a moment from your busy/business life and appreciate what you have around you. Here is a little video:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2nd Annual Hillcrest Top 25 Requested Videos of 2014

This goes with the audio recording of the Top 25 Requested videos taken by DJ Will Z - Mobile & Hillcrest Social. This is our 2nd annual countdown and we counted over 7,000 requests!! Happy New Year & Enjoy!

2nd Annual Hillcrest Top 25 Requested Videos of 2014:

25. Open Wide
24. We Run The Night
23. #Selfie
22. Wiggle
21. Timber
20. Toxic
19. Blank Space
18. Wobble
17. Summer
16. RAGE
15. Drunk in Love
14. Come on Over
13. Shake it Off
12. Born to Rage
11. G.U.Y.

10. Anaconda
9. Blow (beyonce)
8. Booty
7. Fancy
6. Jealous
5. Replay
4. Partition
3. Work Bitch
2. Break Free
1. Slow Down