Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Physical Fitness not the only goal....

In Dec I made a commitment to myself, my partner & my friends. A commitment that doesn't include fitness, travel, or even money. This commitment is about mental health. In 2015 I promised myself that I would be a little more selfish when it comes to working/gigs. As most people now I DJ a lot... weekly, every weekend and every holiday. DJs don't have vacation pay or sick pay... we work when we can and as much as we can. But after almost 7 years of DJings I decided it is time to take 1 Friday or Saturday back a month. To hang out with my friends, to do something spontaneous with my man or hell even be crazy and disappear to Palm Springs for a weekend.

In Dec the commitment started. I took 1 Friday off.... we sat at my house staring at each other, what to do, where do we go, omg this is so weird to not be working. Finally we came up with a plan... walk around my new neighborhood and find something to do. We went out for margs (2 pitchers later), we found ourself at a bowling alley. I haven't bowled since I lived in South Dakota! We are talking 9 years ago.... lets just say I didn't score above a 60 LOL. But the memories and the laughter were well worth it.

So when making your new year resolutions remember they aren't always about money, fitness and travel..... sometimes you need to take a moment from your busy/business life and appreciate what you have around you. Here is a little video:

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